Storms bring high winds, heavy rain and hail, lightning strikes, and other threats that can severely damage residential and commercial properties. At Peak Performance Restoration, our storm damage repair technicians provide prompt, professional disaster response after events like hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and more.

Complete Services for Storm-Related Disasters

With extensive insurance claims experience, heavy construction equipment, and local storm damage expertise, we can handle all aspects of property restoration due to weather events, including:

Board Up and Roof Tarping

We properly secure storm-damaged structures and roofs to prevent intrusion until full repairs are made.

Debris Removal

We safely clear storm debris to expedite recovery work, handling hazardous waste properly.

Exterior Repair

We repair or replace storm-damaged roofs, siding, windows, fencing, and other exterior elements.

Interior Restoration

We fully restore storm-soaked and damaged interiors through drying, sanitization, repairs, and replacements.

Our Storm Damage Restoration Process

Though every storm situation has unique requirements, our storm restoration process generally comprises:

  1. Rapid Emergency Response: We arrive quickly after severe weather to tarp roofs, board-up openings, remove urgent debris hazards, and secure interiors.
  2. Damage Inspection: We thoroughly inspect and document all destruction through photos, video, measurements, and detailed site assessments.
  3. Inventory & Documentation: We inventory all damaged vegetation, exterior features, interior contents, and structure components to support your insurance claim.
  4. Debris Removal: We properly dispose of storm debris based on composition and hazards to expedite restoration work.
  5. Rebuilding Services: Finally, we provide complete interior and exterior rebuilding services, including contents restoration, to return your property to pre-storm functionality and aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent storm debris removal should start ASAP to eliminate safety hazards and allow meaningful inspection of damages underneath. Secure valuables quickly! Our average debris removal response time is just 60 minutes post-storm.

Minor storm damage like a few missing shingles or flashes may be repairable. But roofs with substantial hail hits, lifted sheeting, or broken structural supports require full replacement to restore proper weatherproofing and avoid premature failure.

Why Peak Performance Restoration?

With 24/7 emergency availability, storm-specific IICRC credentials, full-service in-house construction capabilities, and local storm damage experience, we have the tools and training to promptly restore your property after severe weather disasters while optimizing your insurance claim.

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